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Accounting Specialties

As a premier CPA and Financial Consulting firm, The Gummer Group excels at providing organized and up to date accounting services on both a regular and as needed basis. We prepare and maintain clear, concise business reporting and actionable analysis which allow our clients to make informed and effective decisions. Our accounting professionals are deeply knowledgeable in the Real Estate, Owner Managed Business, and Oil and Gas Segments and provide consistent, high quality, experience-based business guidance to our clients.

Real Estate
Our specialized knowledge of the real estate industry has helped many real estate professionals thrive, and we're ready to help you too.
Owner Managed Business
Where do you want to take your company? What are your most significant financial challenges, and where are the opportunities? What happens during the transition of control to future generations or to entirely new ownership? Gummer Group invites you into a private, confidential conversation about the future. You built a successful business. Let us help maintain the solid financials that prove it.
Oil & Gas
Gummer Group assists oil & gas companies maintain solid financials. We have experience in upstream crude oil and natural gas exploration and production as well as working downstream with companies involved in refinement, petrochemicals, petroleum products distribution and an array of additional industries dependent upon oil & gas.
Tax Strategy
Finding a competent CPA firm that both specializes in your market segment and understands your business is a key component of success. In addition to providing traditional CPA services which support daily operations and tax reporting requirements, The Gummer Group also offers a wealth of insights into how to optimize profitability through tax strategy development and long-term planning. Our seasoned professionals will help navigate your company through changing tax laws and better position your business for continuing success.
Outsource and Contract Accounting
The Gummer Group provides exceptional outsource and contract accounting talent who make sure reports are accurate, timely, and fully support the financial needs of your business. Our staff is prepared to offload the headaches and challenge of daily accounting routines and free your resources to focus on driving growth and profitability. Our objective is to raise confidence in the accuracy of reporting and provide useful information and perspective that will improve business performance.
Financial Audits
We utilize advanced technologies and the latest tools and techniques to provide reliable financial audits that are both revealing and actionable. Our professional auditors understand how your business works and can bring their expertise to bear on specific issues or to provide a broader perspective on operational effectiveness. Our audits are accurate, concise, effective, and conducted with the highest standards of confidence and confidentiality.
Strategic Business Planning
Business decisions are made every day. It is critical that these decisions support an overall strategy that is consistent with company goals and objectives. The Gummer Group excels in providing insight and direction to clients through effective strategy development and strategic business planning which lay the groundwork on which business decisions are made and the long-term objectives of the company are achieved.

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